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Campaign Stacking Unit, Door


Campaign Stacking Unit, Door


Stackable Unit Dimensions:80 X 39 X 40cm



The Handbook for Travelers in India, Burma and Ceylon Edition 1874, carries extensive instructions for the minimum amount of clothing, weapons, tents and food needed for an extensive voyage in the tropics. Boxes, trunks and chests were packed and hauled on exploration, hunting, or military expeditions that traversed mountains and deserts. Documents, books and libraries, games and tables, folding chairs and exquisite foods from purveyors to the Queen were taken along. All this had to be packed and unpacked every single day. The design and manufacture of furniture fitting all these conditions and ways of travel was both an art and a science. In the rich tradition of 19th C. furniture makers who supplied furniture to all corners of the Empire, this system of stackable units that can be filled and used in different ways is beautifully designed. Units can be arranged in single stacks, or to fill an entire wall. They can section off one part of a room, as both front and back are finished. Always practical, decorative and never boring. Exquisitely finished, made from solid cherry, maple and birch, these brass bound units will survive centuries and fill both grown-up and kid’s spaces in any way needed.

Each unit is sold individually and can be mix and matched in a variety of ways.

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